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This FTP Client has a layout that makes life easier for the user. Click on “free download” and enjoy.

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*Download Information: By clicking the download button I accept and agree to abide by the Eula, terms of use and privacy policy of The download is executed through a Download-Manager, which is not related to the manufacturer of the product. Maple FTP Client can be installed as well for free at manufacturer website. During the installation process additional products will be offered due to advertising reasons. These products are dependent of the loaction and configuration of the user-PC. It is always possible to co-opt or opt-out these products.More information to additional products and uninstall.
This FTP Client has a layout that makes life easier for the user. Click on “free download” and enjoy.

Maple FTP Client 1.0

It is very easy to setup and use, and it’s focused on making the FTP process as easy and simple as possible. Save time when connecting to FTP servers and share your files with Maple FTP Client. Backup your files on the server so that your files can always remain secure. This way if something were to ever happen to your computer, your files would still be retrievable. Say goodbye to losing important files. This server ensures the longevity of your most important documents, pictures and files. The Maple FTP Client is compatible with the latest versions of windows, but also with older versions like windows 95. Transferring and sharing files between servers and your computer is a simple and smooth process that can happen quickly in just a few short clicks. You can upload and download any type of data using the Maple FTP Client without restrictions, including files that are related to other operating systems such as Mac or Linux. The layout was designed in a way that’s highly user-friendly, making complicated tasks very easy with simple and precise commands. The page layout stays stylish without being overly complicated, so you can transfer files quickly and easily.

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Win 7, XP, Vista, Win 8, Windows 10
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